Bridal Gown Restoration

Sunland CA, CA

Just because the wedding is over, doesn't mean you should neglect your wedding dress. Even if it has been through the wringer and has dirt and stains on it, our wedding gown preservation services in Sunland, CA are the perfect solution. We clean and preserve wedding and bridal gowns so that they look as good as new. We can help you to keep one of your most treasured possessions safe and intact so you'll always have something to reflect on for many years to come.

When it comes to choosing a bridal gown restoration company in Sunland, CA, look for a company that works hard to keep its customers Pleased and satisfied. We have a history of working with customers and helping to clean and preserve their wedding and bridal dresses so they can retain the ability to wear them without any worries. When you place your gown into our care, we treat it as if it were our own. We handle it delicately and use only industry best methods and solutions to care for it. Heavily soiled areas are no longer concerns as we pre -treat all stains so they are lifted.

We pay very special attention to the fabric and thread of your gown. We employ the most delicate wedding gown preservation treatment options to preserve the integrity of each fiber. When we finish cleaning your gown, we then make it available for your inspection to ensure that everything meets your satisfaction. As the leading bridal gown restoration service in Sunland, CA, we understand how time consuming it can be to clean and preserve wedding and bridal gowns. That is why we also include instructions for you to use when handling your gowns in the future. Whether you are looking to have your gowns and special dresses cleaned or preserved, Memory Lane is here for you.