Christening Gowns Restoration


Even though your child's christening was weeks, months or even years ago, you don't have to let go of their gown if you are not ready to. If you plan to keep that garment for many years to come, be sure to drop it off at Memory Lane in Beverly Hills, CA. We specialize in christening gowns restoration. It doesn't matter what color or size it is, we'll clean it and get it back to new condition so you can cherish it for many years to come.

Keep in mind that we don't just focus on christening gowns, we also offer wedding gown cleaning. No matter how dirty or distressed your garments may be, bring them to us and we will exhaust every resource to get it back in pristine condition. You don't want to entrust your special clothing and gowns to just anyone. That is why we at Memory Lane have worked hard through the years to earn the trust and confidence of customers in the Beverly Hills, CA area. We have a solid reputation for delivering exceptional and high-quality services that allow customers to hold onto their most valuable special occasion clothing without concern or shame.

Once your garments have been subjected to our christening gowns restoration techniques, you will quickly notice just how beneficial our services truly are. We perform the majority of our work by hand. This allows us to give your garments the special attention they need all throughout the cleaning and restoration process. No stains are too hard for use to get rid f. No blotches or discolorations are too challenging for us to handle. We are the experts in the wedding gown restoration industry and can help you to achieve your goals in terms of clothing preservation and restoration. Give Memory Lane a call today for all of your special garment cleaning and preservation needs.